Why We Need Donors

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Our donors provide the fuel to keep our programs running. International donors provide funding for our clinic, numerous school scholarships, our street outreach program, several of our teachers, and other programs. We also recieve funding from other organizations, including Plan International. CENIT also receives money from the Ecuadorian government through the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Wellbeing (MIES).

Because of our extremely diverse needs, CENIT benefits from all financial donations! In the last year several of our supporting organisations have been forced to reduce their amount of annual support due to their own difficult financial circumstances, and as such our current and most urgent needs are funding for the school meals which we provide to children in our primary school and in our CEA (school support) program, for the months of the year in which MIES does not fund these meals, and for the salaries of 9 of the hard-working educators across our various programs, whose salaries are no longer covered by the international organisations we have previously relied on.

Your direct donation is urgently needed to continue the work we do – we are extremely grateful for any contribution you are able to make, big or small. Donate here through our partner, Omprakash, by PayPal, credit card, debit card, US wire transfer or check, or if you prefer, contact us to organise direct bank transfer to our Ecuador account. 

Donate Now

If you would like to discuss donating to a particular project feel free to contact your local CENIT past-volunteer group, or contact CENIT directly.

In Germany/ Switzerland:                                                   In the U.K.:
ViaNiños                                                                                             SONRISA (Formally TECCWE)
info@vianinos.org                                                                            info@sonrisa.org.uk

In the USA:                                                                               Or contact CENIT directly:
ECHO                                                                                                   cenitecuador@yahoo.com