Why We Need Donors

Our donors provide the fuel to keep our programs running. International donors provide funding for our clinic, numerous school scholarships, our street outreach program, several of our teachers, and other programs. We also recieve funding from other organizations, including Plan International. CENIT also receives money from the Ecuadorian government through the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Wellbeing (MIES).

Voluntaria con niña de Rescate

Because of our extremely diverse needs, CENIT benefits from all financial donations! If you would like to donate to a specific CENIT cause, feel free to contact your local CENIT past-volunteer group, or contact CENIT directly.

In Germany/ Switzerland:                                                   In the U.K.:
ViaNiños                                                                                             SONRISA (Formally TECCWE)
info@vianinos.org                                                                            info@sonrisa.org.uk

In the USA:                                                                                 Or Contact CENIT directly:
ECHO                                                                                                   cenitecuador@gmail.com