Street Outreach – Rescate

Street Outreach and Pre-school Support Volunteer

As a Street Outreach and Pre-school Support volunteer, you will work in one of the two markets we serve and help create a safe space where pre-school children (ages 3 – 5) can enjoy educational and age-appropriate activities, improve their motor skills and develop basic hygienic habits. We are looking for energetic and enthusiastic volunteers who love working with children and can take initiative.


  • Collect the children from their market stalls at the beginning of the session and walk them back at the end.
  • Engage with 3 -5 children to ensure that they successfully finish each activity.
  • Greet the children’s families and establish a relationship with them.
  • Participate actively in all the activities of the program and the institution.
  • Ensure that the children wash their hands and brush their teeth.
  • Help in the planning and preparation of educational and recreational activities.
  • Refer any concerns about a child’s safety and well being to social/health services in CENIT.
  • Inform the street educators of the problems, necessities, opportunities and difficulties that exist in the development of the program activities.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Minimum commitment of two months.
  • Basic Spanish.
  • Experience working with children.
  • Ability to work within a team and motivate volunteers and the children.
  • Flexibility.


  • Commitment longer than two months.
  • Intermediate or advanced Spanish.
  • Creative skills in music (dancing or singing) or the arts.

Street Outreach and Social Work Intern

As a Street Outreach and Social Work Intern, you will work alongside Ecuadorian social workers in disadvantaged communities facing social and economic challenges. This is a great opportunity for those interested in a career in social work, education, international development or a related field.


  • Accompany, visit and support families in the orientation of services that are offered by CENIT and other institutions.
  •  Give families information on services offered by CENIT and other institutions.
  • Assist social worker with relevant tasks, including research of resources for the beneficiary population, analysis of case notes and program archives, paperwork completion, and the application of technical instruments.
  • Systemize the process for the tracking and analysis of cases and develop methods to retain institutional knowledge.
  •  Design and run workshops focused on human rights for community leaders and families that work in the markets.
  • Plan and execute games and cultural activities for children, adolescents and families.
  •  Serve as the liaison between CENIT´s Social Work Area and the Street Outreach program.


  • Undergraduate degree in social work, psychology, education, international relations or related social science field.
  • Minimum commitment of 4 months; 6 months or longer preferred.
  • Intermediate Spanish required; advanced Spanish preferred.
  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively within a team.
  • Strong organizational and cross-cultural communication skills.
  • Good empathy and listening skills.
  • Strong level of commitment to working with disadvantaged and low-income populations.


  • Previous experience working with children and families in vulnerable and at-risk situations.

Additional Requirements:

We ask each volunteer for a one-time contribution of $100. In exchange, you will receive daily lunch, a CENIT T-shirt and the support of a full-time volunteer coordinator. Your contribution also supports the administrative costs of the volunteer office and helps sustain our programs.

How to apply to these positions:

Interested applicants: Apply Here for questions send email to