Sports Volunteer

Sports Volunteer

As a Sports Volunteer, your task is to teach weekly physical education classes for both the primary and secondary school, including with planning, preparation, and evaluations.  The volunteers generally work at least in pairs and are assisted by an Ecuadorian teacher.

The soccer club, also for the primary and secondary school students, is a chance for students of CENIT to enjoy an organized recreational activity after school. Completely volunteer-run, it takes place one or two afternoons a week depending on the volunteers’ commitment. Your job consists of planing the training sessions and delivering them – also to assist the Responsable if necessary.


  • Two month minimum commitment
  • Basic-Intermediate Spanish
  • Authority
  • Sport Skills


  • Experience working with youth, especially “at-risk” and/or discipline-challenged adolescent
  • Soccer Skills

Additional Requirements:

We ask each volunteer for a one-time contribution of $100. In exchange, you will receive daily lunch, a CENIT T-shirt and the support of a full-time volunteer coordinator. Your contribution also supports the administrative costs of the volunteer office and helps sustain our programs.

How to apply

Interested applicants: Apply Here for questions send email to