Social Work Department

The Social Work Department assists families affected by issues such as alcoholism, drug addiction, domestic or sexual abuse and incarceration. The department carries out home visits, liaises with other community as well as government organisations, and is a point of contact for families when they come to CENIT needing to talk to someone about anything going on at home or at school. Social Work is also responsible for overseeing the cases of approximately 180 children who are currently sponsored through our Adopt a Dream program, which entails carrying out visits to their homes and schools, following up with families to obtain the student’s most recent school results and ensure they continue attending, and keeping records of exactly what the sponsorship money is spent on.
Social Work works in conjunction with Psychology and Health Services in constant communication, both referring cases and receiving referrals, to ensure a holistic view of the wellbeing of the children, adolescents and parents with whom we work.