MI FAMI (My Family)

Mi Fami is a program that supports the parents of CENIT´s working children and adolescents through personal and professional training with the objective to achieve a change in family relations and improve their lifestyle. The program has developed three projects to generate an alternative economy for our families and additional income to support CENIT’s operations:

NADENA is a women`s empowerment project that aims to establish a successful business providing the public with ethical, direct-to-consumer, recycled products. The project gives women who make the products access to professional training, a valid form of income, and a safe space where they can feel valued and recognized. Our products range from earrings, artisanal cards, and handbags.

With These Two Hands is a hairdresser training project dedicated to empowering women who currently live in poverty and have limited access to education. The program provides hairdressing skills that can put these women on a path to a better life for themselves and their families.

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