Fundraising Volunteer

This department will raise funds for CENIT, which is funded by donors and projects, both foreign and Ecuadorian. Our ultimate goal would be to have a stable source (or stable sources) of funding, and to be less dependent on one-time donations. Your job is to collaborate with CENIT staff and other volunteers in seeking new donors, writing grants, revising contracts from donating organizations, organizing and improving CENIT’s publicity material, and running campaigns for special projects.


  • Three month minimum commitment
  • Intermediate-Advanced Spanish
  • Advanced English


  • Fundraising or Marketing experience

Cost and Support from the CENIT Community:

We ask each volunteer for a one-time contribution of $100. In exchange, you will receive daily lunch, a CENIT T-shirt, and the support of a full-time volunteer coordinator. Your contribution also supports the administrative costs of the volunteer office and helps sustain our programs.

How to apply

Interested applicants: Apply Here for questions send email to