Adopt – A – Dream

CENIT’s Adopt-a-Dream strives to improve the lives of the children we serve by providing student scholarships that enables them to stop working, receive an education and lead healthier lives. Our children come from extremely difficult family situations, including severe poverty, abuse and abandonment. The children, who are between the ages of 4 and 18, all work to survive and do not receive adequate medical attention, nutrition or schooling. We have many children in need of this assistance and you can help today by becoming a “Padrino” to one of them through monthly financial support of $30 or $50. Your donation goes directly to support the child’s needs. Watch a promotional video here: ADOPT A DREAM • CENIT, Quito

How it Works

If you are interested in helping change the life of a child, you can easily become a padrino today. With your commitment, you will be assigned a young child in urgent need of assistance. You will receive detailed information about their current situation and CENIT’s schooling plans for her/him. Then throughout the year, you will receive updates about the child and their progress. A requirement of Adopt-a­-Dream is that children and adolescents are not allowed to work.

Your financial contribution will be used to cover costs associated with school, food and medical treatment for your sponsored child. These are costs that her/ his family cannot cover due to their economic situation. Such expenses include:

  • Food: Your donation allows the child a hot, nutritious lunch in the CENIT cafeteria. This lunch is often the only nutritional food a child may receive.
  • School fees and supplies: Your child will receive money for their school inscription fees as well as basic school supplies such as pens, pencils and paper.
  • Clothing: We allocate a small portion of you financial assistance to purchase basic clothing items and/or special purchases the family cannot afford (for example, a first communion dress, new shoes and so on).
  • Medication: Many of our children are exposed to a variety of unsanitary conditions in the streets, and often medication is needed to treat various illnesses and infections. Additionally, many of these children require psychological treatment due to difficult family situations.
  • Transportation: Some students do not live nearby and must travel via bus on a daily basis. If this is the case for your child, a portion of your donation will go to paying for their transportation to and from school.
  • Special needs: We allocate a percentage of the financial assistance to miscellaneous needs that often arise such as treatment of severe illnesses or expenses for school outings.
  • Administrative costs: 10% of the assistance goes towards teacher salaries at CENIT, phone services and general supplies.

Levels of Support

There are two levels of support: $50 / month or $30 / month. Both levels include the following support for your child:

  • Food
  • School fees, supplies
  • Special needs
  • Administrative (10%)

At the level of $50 / month your support additionally includes the following:

  • Clothing
  • Medication
  • Transportation

Interested in becoming a padrino/a?!

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